Prepare for
the fight!

Shepherd Of The Night Game project. Main concept.

Genre: RPG, middle ages/fantasy realm
View: 2D, Top view.
Goal of the game: kill the Shepherd Of The Night (main antagonist).
Map: JPEG file from Warcraft 3 or similar game. Roll, zoom. Borders are hidden.
Characters (main protagonists): warrior, archer and mage/priest.
Character model: JPEG icon from Warcraft 3. Models don’t overlap.
Shooting/striking model images – Warcraft 3 or similar game.
Mane plot: Roam around the map, kill mobs, make quests ( 1-2 will be enough), gain levels through experience and finally kill the boss - The Shepherd Of The Night (SOD).
User interface: loading bar, buttons, left click – choose, right click – action. Minimap (2nd phase). Map is hidden (2nd phase). Hot buttons. Full screen/ Window mode.
Sound environment: Music – Warcraft 3 or similar epic. Sounds – steel clashes, arrow, fireballs – from Warcraft 3 or similar. Volume control (2nd phase).
Game AI: Mobs can chase you. Your character can find a correct way around the obstacles (mountains, rivers, crevasses and so on), using only start – end point instructions. Every obstacle has its own “border of walking around”. It means a line which is used as a direction way for the unit to move when it touches the obstacle. Every time the unit touches the “border of walking around” it is get anchored to it and move along it until it reaches the “point of walking out”, where it release its grip to the “border of walking around” and continues its way along the straight line to the “end point”. Unit must have the ability to choose the shortest direction from two when it’s anchored to the “border of walking around”.
Game editing functions: game must provide an easy editing interface which includes: upload the different map, set the enemy and friendly unit locations and draw the “borders of walking around” for every obstacle.